EnhancerAtlas 2.0: an updated resource with typical enhancer annotation in 600 tissue/cell types across nine species

EnhancerAtlas 2.0

EnhancerAtlas 2.0 integrated enhancers from 12 high-throupghput technologies including P300, Histone, POLR2A, TF-binding, DHS, FAIRE, Mnase-seq, GRO-seq, STARR-seq, CAGE, CHIA-PET, and MPRA. Users could click any enhancer to view its detailed information.

Embryo_5-6ss | Danio rerio

Full name: Embryo at 5-6 somite stage | Cell type: Whole embryo cell | Tissue: Embryo.

The tissue/cell type 'Embryo_5-6ss' in Danio rerio contains 15679 enhancers. Enhancers

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