EnhancerAtlas 2.0: an updated resource with typical enhancer annotation in 600 tissue/cell types across nine species

EnhancerAtlas 2.0

The database provides enhancer annotation in nine species, including human (hg19), mouse (mm9), fly (dm3), worm (ce10), zebrafish (danRer10), rat (rn5), yeast (sacCer3), chicken (galGal4), and boar (susScr3). The consensus enhancers were predicted based on multiple high throughput experimental datasets (e.g. histone modification, CAGE, GRO-seq, transcription factor binding and DHS). Currently, the updated database contains 13,494,603 enhancers for 586 tissue/cell types. The database allows users to (1) examine the experimental evidence for the predicted enhancers in a given genomic region; (2) compare the enhancers across different cell/tissue types; (3) identify the enhancers associated with a particular gene; (4) predict the regulatory elements for a list of genomic regions.

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1. Tianshun Gao and Jiang Qian. EnhancerAtlas 2.0: an updated resource with enhancer annotation in 586 tissue/cell types across nine species. Nucleic Acids Res. 2019.

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